Each painting has a unique message. The first is a collective vision of Haiti's past, present, and futures as seen through te eyes of eight local artists. The second work was painted with the help of a group of children. The artists used a collection of handprints and signatures from young earthquake victims to send a very personal message of thanks from the children.

THE HAITIAN RENAISSANCE FOUNDATION was founded by Carole Fromer shortly after the 2010 earthquake reduced several major metropolitan areas to rubble. In the aftermath 1,000,000 were left homeless, 230,000 were killed and over 300,000 were injured. The organizations continuing mission is to help the people of Haiti to recover from this recent tragedy through education and more specifically through art. The current exhibition includes pieces from several major Haitian artists and 2 special pieces produced by artist Samuel Augustin as a thank you for the worlds support.

Posters of the murals are available for a $20 contribution.
As part of this show, there will be additional paintings by these and other Haitian artists that can be acquired. Proceeds from contributions will be used by The Haitian Renaissance Foundation to help Haitian artists and children who are the victims of the earthquake that destroyed their country and took nearly three hundred thousand lives.

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The two murals are now on display in the Lobby of the Conde Naste building through the generousity of the Durst Organization.
Location: 4 Times Square
Hours: 8:00am to 8:00pm

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Dec 11 - mid Jan: Time Warner Bldg - NYC: The paintings will be on display in the Time Warner building, Upper Lobby. The pieces will be showcased in the window display of the Borders Bookstore.

Mid Jan - Mid Feb: Clinton Library - AK: The Murals will be displayed at the Clinton Library in Arkansas.
The Paintings will then continue their national Tour, Sponsored by Borders.

Watch the Video video

Combining images shot by the artist Samuel Augustin & MindSmackTV with footage donated by NY1, this brief video explains a little of the motivation and back story behind the creation of the Merci Paintings.

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